Wild Plants: Currants & Locoweed

On the drive into Baker City last Tues (7 May 2013), I noticed the yellow-flowering currant were starting to bloom in the gorge. On the way back, the patch of locoweed at the base of the dam hill caught my eye. As I neared Sumpter, I saw squaw currant blooming. On Fri the 10th, itContinue reading “Wild Plants: Currants & Locoweed”

Wildflower: Glacier Lily

Glacier lily (Erythronium grandiflorum), also sometimes identified as deer tongue, is a member of the lily family. As the widow grass at Sumpter’s corner of Climax and Auburn was finishing up in the third week of April (2013), the deer tongue were showing up. That corner’s a bit sunny and dry, though, and the flowerContinue reading “Wildflower: Glacier Lily”

Wildflower: Widow Grass

April 8, 2013 Today’s wildflower is widow grass, also known as grass widow, Latin name Sisyrinchium angustifolium. It is a member of the Iris family and is closely related to prairie¬†blue-eyed grass. One glance at the photo below and you can see why “grass” appears in the flower’s name. This specimen was photographed right inContinue reading “Wildflower: Widow Grass”