Leads and Tie-Outs

Tie-Outs and Stakes

Polyester cord to extra heavy cable. Lightweight chains not currently in stock. Pickup bed restraints in two lengths: full-size truck and compact.

Nylon Fixed Length

Most of our leads are available in the 4′ length, but we do have a few 6′ long single-ply nylon leads, and 1′ and 2′ long traffic leads. Some of the 4′ leads have built in traffic handles. There’s even a multi-purpose lead with one option being wearing it around your waist.

Ezy Dog

The leads from Ezy Dog have some stretch to them, especially the 25″ and 40″ lengths.

Retractable Leads

These are available in the original corded version and in the tape (webbing) style for dogs up to 110 pounds.


Halti brand, size 0 to size 5.


Couplers and triplers. Bags on Board.

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