Harnesses and Restraints

Soda Mountain even carries several styles of harness.

Standard Harnesses

Most of them in patterns to match the nylon collars and leads, but slowly adding solid colors, too. For girths (measurement just behind front legs) of 10″ up to 48″.

Step-in Harnesses

This style is useful for broader chested dogs like dachsunds and, believe it or not, Pomeranians. That’s because the harness does not have to fit both girth and neck; there is no neck piece to the step-in. When the harness is open and lying on the floor, it looks like two triangles. One front leg goes in each of the triangles and the harness clips up between the dog’s shoulders.

There’s also a step-in style with a chest plate, with extra padding for between the front legs. Soda Mountain carries the Ezy Dog brand of chest plate harness. It comes with an extra loop you can fit a seat belt through.

Car Harnesses and Tethers

Easy Rider

Other Car Accessories

Window bumpers. Non-metal car barrier.

No-Pull Harness

Probably the most difficult style to get your dog into.

Mesh Harness

This vest-style harness was available for smaller dogs so the fabric wouldn’t tear. The mesh is handy for keeping the dog cooler. The style has lately become more difficult for me to find.


Soda Mountain carries soft muzzles.

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