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Uh-oh. Did I say three months for collegiate collars? Apparently I meant seven months. Well, maybe five. I ordered them in May, they arrived in June, and I think I got them hung up before the Fourth of July Flea Market.

I have 1″ wide, 4′ long leads in each of the three colleges (U of Oregon, Oregon State, and Boise State). The collars are adjustable, with small and medium 3/4″ wide, large and extra large 1″ wide, and extra extra large 1-1/2″ wide. Smalls are 8-1/2 to 12-1/2″, mediums 11-1/2 to 17-1/2″, larges 13 to 21″, extra larges 16 to 27″, and xxl 20-1/2 to 35″. Unfortunately for Duck fans with small dogs, they didn’t send Duck smalls. More uh-oh.

These collars are made right here in Oregon.


January 2016

Collars are probably the most basic cat or dog accessory. I’m doing year-end inventory, and am realizing that if you came to visit, oh, the collars you’d see.


Just in the dog section of collars, there’s nylon, leather, metal, and neoprene.

In the nylon collars, Soda Mountain carries single-ply and double-thick solid colors with metal buckles in orange, red, green, purple, pink, blue, black, and a smattering of others; adjustable-length collars in patterns (more than a dozen patterns) with side-release plastic buckles and solid colors (mostly orange, red, and hot pink at this time) with metal buckles; jeweled, and spiked (black or pink). The smallest the nylon collars are able to go is 6″. The largest, 36″.

nylon 3by511_spiked nylon

Reflex leads

In leather, we have flat, rolled, and spiked, all in basic black with metal buckles. The flat latigo range from a small of 8″ to a large of 24″. The rolled leather collars are 24″ or 26″. Spiked leather comes in 8″ to 30″.

Of course, the metal tend to be choke collars. Those range from 10″ long in fine weight to 30″ long in extra-heavy weight. Also in metal are the pinch, or training, collars. They look brutal, but they’re actually safer for a dog’s windpipe than a choke chain. Soda Mountain recently added easy-on training collars. These have side-release buckles to make it easier to slide the collar over a dog’s head.

Other types of choke collars are a soft nylon cord (below, on left with metal chokes and easy-on training collar), or a check-choke, also known as a martingale. A dog’s martingale is very different from a horse’s (below, right).

Finally, the neoprene. These we carry in red, black, blue, pink camo, and green camo. The small adjusts from 13.5-15.5″ and the extra-large from 21-24.5″.


I’ve recently found a supplier with collegiate licenses, so we’ll be adding Ducks, Beavers, and Broncos to the mix within the next three months.

Go, Team! Collar those Culprits!

Looks like our lovely weather is about to change just a bit. It might be time to review the winter readiness of your animal companions. Does your dog need a coat?  Paw covers or paw oil? Would the rabbit benefit from a heated water bottle? Eastern Oregon’s fullest-line independent pet supply store has you covered.






One of the things we like most about the Flea Markets in Sumpter….is the relaxed nature of such a large event in such a small town. How many flea markets have you been to where atvs and dogs are allowed?

It’s all smiles when the dogs come to town and bring their owners with them!


Here are a few of our favorite furry photos from the

2013 Labor Day Sumpter Flea Market for you to enjoy……

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The flea markets are over for the season….but don’t forget that your four legged friend gets a free treat when they come into the store (we like it when they bring a human friend with them of course)  🙂

Here are the 2014 Flea Market dates…..

Memorial Day ~ May 23rd – 26th

Independence Day ~ July 4th – 7th

Labor Day ~ Aug 29th – Sept 1st

Learn more about the Sumpter Flea Markets here.

It was a rough year for Natura Pet Products, makers of California Natural, Evo, Karma, Innova, and other premium, holistic foods. They found some salmonella in one sample of dry Evo dog food and executed a voluntary food recall of all the dry food lines made in the plant. That meant I moved all of it off my shelf and into my bathroom. I was impatient for the new bags, because I only carried Innova. I had replacements on the shelf less than a month before the next voluntary recall. It included dry food and biscuits.

This led me to quit carrying Innova. I needed other food while there wasn’t any Natura available. I spent two weeks reading reviews and ingredient lists and cross-checking with what was available from my various suppliers. I ended up with Fromm Four-Star for the cats and Horizon and Great Life for the dogs. These brands don’t have quite the variety in calorie count that I was used to with Innova. Customers that were pretty regular buyers have tapered off. I might not only be changing food again, but I may be discontinuing dealing with that particular supplier. It’s one of those domino effect things.

Another domino effect seems to have been the cryptosporidium parasite breakout in Baker City. Now, Baker City’s watershed is clear on the other side of the mountain range from Sumpter, but there were people calling Sumpter residents to see how they were faring with the lack of potable water. We had plenty of drinking water, thank you very much. However, a tourism-related state-level organization called Baker County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center and asked if they should tell people not to come to Baker City area. I imagine Halfway and Richland didn’t react any better to this than I did.

Hello! Baker City is not the only thing in Baker County. We have our own events and everything. Last weekend was Sumpter’s 4th Annual Music in the Meadow. The kids had a blast with the games, and we did get some adults to join in, too. Most of the performers were outstanding. Sadly, a lot of people missed out on all the fun. Part of that might have been the crypto scare. Another part might have been all the wildfires in eastern Oregon. Fires tend to cause most people to avoid traveling in affected areas. Fires also call a lot of people away from home to fight them.

So, for all those who’ve had a rough last couple of months, hang in there. We’re thinking of you.
–LeAnne Woolf, owner


We so enjoy seeing all the furry friends at each flea market!  Here are just a few we saw at the Independence Day Flea Market

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Don’t forget….your dog gets a free snack if he or she brings their owner with them to the store!

We look forward to seeing more furry friends at the Labor Day Flea Market Aug 30th – Sept 2nd. Learn more here.



Not as many dogs brought their families to the Independence Day Flea Market this year..presumably because the actual 4th of July holiday fell on an odd day last week…(Thursdays in themselves aren’t necessarily odd..but we think any holiday that occurs on a day other than a weekend to be odd…don’t you?)

Despite the calendar, we thought the show must go on………

We would like to thank all the furry friends who came into the store during the Flea Market!

See you next year!

Does  your four footed furry friend enjoy music…?

Don’t forget Music In The Meadow happens next month….

See details here.

Fur Fun Dog Show at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies in Sumpter Oregon

We are wagging our tails around the store because this weekend is the Independence Day Sumpter Flea Market ~ July 5th-8th

but that’s not all!

Sunday is the 2nd Annual Fur Fun Dog Show at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies.

July 7th 2013

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies Store on W. Auburn St.

(across from Rustic Realty and Gold Post)

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies

Don’t forget to bring your dog in to the store for a free treat this weekend!

For more info about the dog show – click here.

For more info about the Sumpter Flea Market visit:

We would like to share this wonderful video from YouTube……hope you enjoy!



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