Collar the Culprit!

January 2016 Collars are probably the most basic cat or dog accessory. I’m doing year-end inventory, and am realizing that if you came to visit, oh, the collars you’d see. Just in the dog section of collars, there’s nylon, leather, metal, and neoprene. In the nylon collars, Soda Mountain carries single-ply and double-thick solid colorsContinue reading “Collar the Culprit!”

Furry Friends and Wagging Tails

One of the things we like most about the Flea Markets in Sumpter….is the relaxed nature of such a large event in such a small town. How many flea markets have you been to where atvs and dogs are allowed? It’s all smiles when the dogs come to town and bring their owners with them!Continue reading “Furry Friends and Wagging Tails”