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We so enjoy seeing all the furry friends at each flea market!  Here are just a few we saw at the Independence Day Flea Market

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Don’t forget….your dog gets a free snack if he or she brings their owner with them to the store!

We look forward to seeing more furry friends at the Labor Day Flea Market Aug 30th – Sept 2nd. Learn more here.



Fur Fun Dog Show at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies in Sumpter Oregon

We are wagging our tails around the store because this weekend is the Independence Day Sumpter Flea Market ~ July 5th-8th

but that’s not all!

Sunday is the 2nd Annual Fur Fun Dog Show at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies.

July 7th 2013

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies Store on W. Auburn St.

(across from Rustic Realty and Gold Post)

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies

Don’t forget to bring your dog in to the store for a free treat this weekend!

For more info about the dog show – click here.

For more info about the Sumpter Flea Market visit:

Coming to Sumpter this weekend for the 2013 Memorial Day Flea Market? Can’t wait to get your mouth around all those tasty snacks the flea market is always famous for…..? Yummy!

But what about your dog………?

Free Snacks for your dog at Soda Mountain!

Free Snacks for your dog at Soda Mountain!

While your furry friend is enjoying a free snack… can browse our collection of books and odds – ends……

You never know what you might find at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies!

See you at the Sumpter Flea Market

If you love your dog enough that you can ignore the holes in the yard or the pillow they recently used as a chew toy…then these Kong Stuff squeeze treats will show them you love them anyway!

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies in Sumpter Oregon

Kong Squeeze Treats for Dogs


Pssssssst…..these Kong Stuff Squeezable Treats are a great addition to your emergency bag during the Sumpter Flea Market!



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