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We would like to share this amazing organization with you today…!

Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today we’re profiling yet another TNR program that’s working to save the lives of kitties in Steelton, Pennsylvania!


Rumpy: Thanks so much for being my guest today. Tell us about your TNR program.

Steelton Cats: We provide municipalities with full-service geographically-targeted no-kill cat population control services using “Saving Money. Saving Lives. A Plan for Every Cat”. This ensures every cat has a place to go, none are killed and none go to our local high kill humane society.

Rumpy: That sounds ideal! How does your program work?

Steelton Cats

1. Partnerships – We work with the colony caretakers to trap at their feeding locations and get a population count and description of the cats to ensure we got the entire colony. We partner with local government.  We work with high quality rescues to place adoptable kittens and cats that cannot…

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We so enjoy seeing all the furry friends at each flea market!  Here are just a few we saw at the Independence Day Flea Market

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Don’t forget….your dog gets a free snack if he or she brings their owner with them to the store!

We look forward to seeing more furry friends at the Labor Day Flea Market Aug 30th – Sept 2nd. Learn more here.



Not as many dogs brought their families to the Independence Day Flea Market this year..presumably because the actual 4th of July holiday fell on an odd day last week…(Thursdays in themselves aren’t necessarily odd..but we think any holiday that occurs on a day other than a weekend to be odd…don’t you?)

Despite the calendar, we thought the show must go on………

We would like to thank all the furry friends who came into the store during the Flea Market!

See you next year!

Does  your four footed furry friend enjoy music…?

Don’t forget Music In The Meadow happens next month….

See details here.

Fur Fun Dog Show at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies in Sumpter Oregon

We are wagging our tails around the store because this weekend is the Independence Day Sumpter Flea Market ~ July 5th-8th

but that’s not all!

Sunday is the 2nd Annual Fur Fun Dog Show at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies.

July 7th 2013

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies Store on W. Auburn St.

(across from Rustic Realty and Gold Post)

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies

Don’t forget to bring your dog in to the store for a free treat this weekend!

For more info about the dog show – click here.

For more info about the Sumpter Flea Market visit:


We would like to share this wonderful video from YouTube……hope you enjoy!



We truly enjoy the flea markets in Sumpter for many reasons….but one thing we look forward to the most about the Sumpter Flea Markets……are the dogs!

It seems every year, more and more dogs are coming to Sumpter…..that in itself is pretty cool…..but we think the best thing about their visits is that they bring their owners with them!

We always love making new furry friends at our store……remember, all dogs that bring their owners into the store get free treats!

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies

Free treats for the dogs….!

Check out some of our favorite pet photos from the flea market……

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See more photos at Facebook.com/sodamountain

Don’t forget our annual Soda Mountain Fur Fun Dog Show at the Independence Day Flea Market  ~  July 7th at 3 pm  learn more.

See more photos of the 2013 Memorial Day Sumpter Flea Market here.

Coming to Sumpter this weekend for the 2013 Memorial Day Flea Market? Can’t wait to get your mouth around all those tasty snacks the flea market is always famous for…..? Yummy!

But what about your dog………?

Free Snacks for your dog at Soda Mountain!

Free Snacks for your dog at Soda Mountain!

While your furry friend is enjoying a free snack…..you can browse our collection of books and odds – ends……

You never know what you might find at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies!

See you at the Sumpter Flea Market

Okay, so most of us might not spend a lot of time shampooing our cats. The very thought brings up visions of claws out, pupils dilated, tail puffed bigger around than a swim noodle, suds flying all over everywhere action.

Occasions can arise, though, that require more than just the sandpaper and spit approach that is a cat’s tongue. Soda Mountain currently carries two different cat shampoos, and both of them smell wonderful.


The earthbath brand shampoo is 100% biodegradable. The ingredients include purified water, coconut-based cleansers, aloe vera, and cherry essence. It smells a lot like chocolate-covered Queen Anne cherries. The Sentry brand Natural Defense is a natural flea shampoo for cats and kittens using peppermint, clove, cedar, cinnamon, and rosemary oils. Cedar and peppermint are the predominant odors to my nose. It also includes vitamin E, lecithin, and wheat germ oil for skin soothing and softness. Water is, of course, the main ingredient.

If ever you have to wash your cat, at least both of you can smell good doing it!

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