We truly enjoy the flea markets in Sumpter for many reasons….but one thing we look forward to the most about the Sumpter Flea Markets……are the dogs!

It seems every year, more and more dogs are coming to Sumpter…..that in itself is pretty cool…..but we think the best thing about their visits is that they bring their owners with them!

We always love making new furry friends at our store……remember, all dogs that bring their owners into the store get free treats!

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies

Free treats for the dogs….!

Check out some of our favorite pet photos from the flea market……

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Don’t forget our annual Soda Mountain Fur Fun Dog Show at the Independence Day Flea Market  ~  July 7th at 3 pm  learn more.

See more photos of the 2013 Memorial Day Sumpter Flea Market here.