Dog Toy: Bottle Buddies

An oft-requested product is “that toy you can put your own water bottle in.” Here at Soda Mountain, those are represented by Bottle Buddies, made by Kyjen. Facial features are applied to the plush fabric with satin stitching. As long as the fabric holds up, you keep putting in an empty water bottle for renewedContinue reading “Dog Toy: Bottle Buddies”

Wildflower: Widow Grass

April 8, 2013 Today’s wildflower is widow grass, also known as grass widow, Latin name Sisyrinchium angustifolium. It is a member of the Iris family and is closely related to prairie¬†blue-eyed grass. One glance at the photo below and you can see why “grass” appears in the flower’s name. This specimen was photographed right inContinue reading “Wildflower: Widow Grass”