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Velcro by the yard: blue, green, red, black, white, brown, gray, and pink. $1/yd for 1" wide, $1.50/yd for 1-1/2" wide.

Soda Mountain has afghans in stock and art sweaters available for special order.


Popcorn Ripple Lap Robe: $39
36” wide x 46” long
100% acrylic, machine wash gentle
Two pounds of densely crocheted warmth to cuddle with on the couch.
in beige, teal, orchid, and rose in rose, berry, canary, and seafoam


Shallow Ripples Afghan: $51

38” wide x 58” long, not incl. tassels (3” long tassels on either end); 2½ lbs
100% acrylic, machine wash gentle
A looser crochet of shallow ripples to cover you chin to toes. Mind the tassels don’t tickle your nose.

in lavender, aqua, grey, orchid, & vermilion


Art Sweaters

Soda Mountain's definition of an art sweater is that images are knit right into the sweater's construction rather than being added later. Images can be abstract, geometric, repeating, tiled, thematic, etc. Our favorite is the theme sweater. Theme choices are what make art sweaters fun to create and construct, but there are also basics to consider when ordering a sweater.

Sweater style: pullover or cardigan

Pullover neckline: U, crew, V, or boat neck (adult only)
Cardigan neckline: V or crew
Sleeve length: long, short, or none (vest)

Fiber: Children's sweaters are made with 3-ply yarn and adult with heavier 4-ply. Acrylic yarn is our default material because it can be machine washed if you have a gentle cycle. Cotton yarn does not provide the give of other yarns, and wool requires special handling by the customer in washing and blocking.


Once Ms Woolf's daughter found out her mom could knit pictures into her sweaters, the daughter started making requests for new images and themes. The selection of original image designs so far includes:

Autumn: oak, birch, and maple leaves; maple key; acorn; sunflower
Flower garden: iris, ladybug, caterpillar
School: scissors, glue bottle, pink eraser, math book, pencil, bat lunch box, little red schoolhouse with bell tower
Vegetable: potato, carrot, corn on the cob, peas in a pod, radish, zucchini
Wetlands: rainbow trout, great blue heron, cattails, frog, dragonfly, loon, mallard drake, sandpiper


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