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Soda Mountain Pets retails new pet supplies, pet-themed gifts, books about pets, and engraving services for pet tags and trophy plates. 

Soda Mountain Stitchery provides you the opportunity to browse a selection of hand-crafted textile goods. Some are in-stock, others are special order items.  

Soda Mountain Publishing is in its infant stages, but four titles are in the works: Pencil Puzzles for Gymnasts, a coloring book of local sights and sites, a history of the first 150 years of Sumpter (1862 to 2012), and the staff is shooting like crazy to present a book on the flowers, shrubs, and trees of eastern Oregon. 
Soda Mountain Gifts includes manufactured items, like candle holders and candles by PartyLite.TM Non-pet-related books are found in the Gifts section. Books are on outdoor subjects like gardening and hiking, fiction and non-fiction from Oregon authors, and titles about eastern Oregon's history. 

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