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Sumpter Events

This is not an exhaustive rundown on Sumpter special events, but it should give you some ideas.

Poker Run and Outhouse Races: 18 Feb 2017
Sumpter Valley Blue Mountain Snowmobile Club hosts the Poker Run and Outhouse Races. Until you've pushed an outhouse on skis half a block out and back, you just haven't lived.

2017 Flea Markets: 26-29 May, Jun 30-3 Jul, and 1-4 Sep, The Grounds and Downtown
There are a variety of Sumpter Events every year, but three weekends a year the Sumpter Flea Market transforms our little town into a bustling shopper's delight. Vendors from across the West bring in arts, used goods, rare goods, unusual goods, woodcrafts, etc. Set-up typically occurs on Weds and Thurs with sales Fri-Sun. Some vendors leave Sun, others linger through Mon.
Labor Day 2016


Centennial of Sumpter Fire: 13 Aug 2017
Sumpter was already in decline when this horrifice fire destroyed 12 blocks of the main downtown area in a single afternoon. At this time, no specific plans have been nailed down.

Total Eclipse of the Sun: 21 Aug 2017
Sumpter is near the centerline of the path of totality and the darkness will last one minute, forty-eight seconds (1:48). Sumpter Valley Community Volunteers (SVCV) are working on putting together some community meals and activities for the weekend. There will also be ultra runners out on the Elkhorn Crest and other trails on August 19 and a special early morning train by Sumpter Valley Railroad on August 21.

Christmas Trains, Christmas Bazaar: 9 and 10 Dec 2017
Sumpter Valley Railroad runs two daytime trains each day, plus a special Christmas Parade Train on Sat the 9th that arrives in Sumpter in time for the Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting, both sponsored by Sumpter Valley Community Volunteers (SVCV). The parade starts about 4:30Sumpter Municipal Library and Museum is the site of the Christmas Bazaar, also put on by SVCV.

2016 Bazaar Photos

2016 Train, Parade, & Tree photos by Timothy Bishop, Base Camp Baker


When you're here
Bring your walking shoes, an extra jacket, a brimmed hat, water, sunscreen, and mittens. It's the mountains, and you never know what's up next.

Also, Baker County does have a leash ordinance, and it is particularly important to keep your canine companion on lead when there are hundreds of other canines in town. Many of our visitors have dogs; nerves about the crowds, the unfamiliar surroundings, and the exciting number of  rumps to sniff can lead the most well-behaved pet into bad behavior. Please take appropriate precautions.

Other places you may want to visit while you're here include, but are not limited to:
Cracker Creek Museum of Mining, the State Heritage Area that's been built around the Sumpter Valley Dredge and includes the Sumpter depot for the Sumpter Valley Railroad, and the 
Sumpter Municipal Library and Museum.


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