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Soda Mountain carries new products for dogs, cats, small animals, and birds. Aquarium supplies will also be available if there is a demand for them; these would be to supplement the items offered by Scorpio in Baker City. We hope someday to have the store aquarium set up for your enjoyment. 

There are pet-themed gift items such as frames and PartyLite candle holders (we have a few candles, too), and a selection of
books about various types of pets. We also have pet tag engraving services.

Stock has a tendency to change--especially in the books and gift items--but below are listed items commonly available in the store.

11: collars: leather, spiked leather, leather round, patterned adjustable nylon, solid-color buckle double-thick nylon, neoprene adjustable, choke chains, check chokes, prong training collars and accessories (like comfort tips and extra links), jeweled nylon, orange reflective, lighted, flea & tick, Elizabethan 
collars (e-collars) in regular, cloud, or soft

The newest addition to collars are spiked nylon collars in black or pink, from 20" to 28".

12: leads and tie-outs: tie-out stakes for various ground conditions, tie-out cables of various weights and lengths, patterned nylon leads, leather leads, chain leads, solid-color double-thick nylon leads, retractable leads, couplers for walking two dogs on one lead

The newest patterns come in leads (4' and 6' long), adjustable collars (necks 6-10" to 22-36"), and adjustable harnesses (girths 9-15" to 32-48").

13: harnesses: solid-color step-in style, Halti headcollars, Holt control harnesses, Ezy Dog chest plate harnesses, patterned adjustable, vehicle restraints of various styles, fabric muzzles

14: toys, extra small to giant: Kong kongs, balls, jacks, training dummies, and more; Air Kong, several brands of flying discs, toys made from fire hose, plush, vinyl, and latex toys; tugs, balls, teething and dental; Chuck-Its in several sizes; fleece, puzzles, obstacle course
A couple of recent acquisitions are for large dogs: milk gallon and two-liter toys. The hippo holds your own two-liter bottle. The chicken and sheep (not shown) contain a one-gallon milk jug.
15: dog wear, extra small to extra large: backpacks, booties, costumes; fleece, nylon, mesh, reversible, and rain jackets and vests; life jackets; sweaters
We've been working hard to make sure that dog wear comes in a variety of styles and fabrics for dogs from xxxs to xxl.
16: crates, carriers, and beds: plastic carriers, folding metal kennels, leather purses, soft-sided carriers, front carriers, back carriers, car seats, sherpa beds, bagel beds, loungers, tents
Our newest additions are large and small pop-up kennels.
17: cleanliness: Bags on Board refills and dispensers of several styles, diaper garments and pads

18: grooming: slickers, shampoos and soaps, combs, brushes, nail trimmers (standard and guillotine), rakes, eye wash, ear miticide, liquid bandage, non-lick adhesive bandages, Elizabethan collars

19: feeding: travel water bottles, slosh-resistant bowls, several brands of biscuits, training pastes, herbal aids, ceramic and glass bowls, double diners, stainless steel no-tip anti-skid, folding, utensils

Soda Mountain carries Great Life and Fromm (adult, puppy, and weight management from the Gold line, and grain-free pork and peas from the Four Star line) premium no-wheat, no-corn, no-by-products dry dog food. Canned food brands include Innova, Evo, and Great Life. These brands are among those that use minimal fillers and avoid the grains to which dogs and cats most commonly develop allergies. 
For more information on Fromm Family foods--manufactured in the USA for the past 110 years--visit the Fromm website.

Oregon Trail Livestock Supply and
 D&B Supply, in Baker City and other locations, carry a wide variety of other dog foods between the two of them, in addition to what's available at your local grocery stores and veterinarians.


21: collars: bells, jeweled nylon, reflective, adjustable, safety collars with elastic, narrow solid-collar nylon without elastic, flea & tick

22: leads: 3/8" wide, 4' long solid-color nylon, 10' polyester tie-out

23: harnesses: solid-color adjustable H-style (we urge customers to avoid figure-8 harnesses as they are the easiest for cats to escape from); for the larger and/or escape artist cat, we recommend the step-in style of harness
listed in Dogs-13

24: toys: catnip, balls, interactive, door hangers, felt mice, fur mice, squeaking mice, remote control mice, sisal mice; plush, crinkle, and tinsel

26: crates and beds: cardboard carrier, self-warming bed, bagel bed, cat doors

27: cleanliness: litter, litter pans, and metal litter scoops

28: grooming: slickers, brushes, combs, shampoos, wipes, fur-collecting rollers, cardboard scratchers, nail trimmers, styptic powder

29: feeding: ceramic and glass bowls, double diners, stainless steel, utensils

Soda Mountain c
arries a rotating stock of premium no-grain, no-by-products dry cat and dog food. Canned food brands include Innova and TikiCat. These brands are among those that use minimal fillers and avoid some or all of the grains to which dogs and cats most commonly develop allergies. TikiCat is seafood-based and Innova is poultry-based.


Small Animals

33: harnesses: figure-8 style to fit ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas, etc.; mesh-style for rats, ferrets, etc.

36: shelters: wooden, timothy, exercise wheels

39: feeding: water bottles and water bottle hangers


Domestic Birds

44: toys: wooden and plastic perches, nail filing perches, bell toys, fist toys, shredders of palm leaf, Bird Kongs, wooden toys in several sizes up to giant, cds for teaching speech and songs

46: shelters: nesting basket, fleece hide-a-ways, metal cages, portable perching box, pine nesting box

48: grooming: mister bottle

49: feeding: ceramic, steel, and plastic cups



MarineLand size B and C cartridge filter 3-packs; tropical fish flakes; algae wafers


a selection of dog, cat, gerbil, hamster, bird, and ferret books (see Gifts section for other subjects)


The engraving machine arrived in April 2011. The first shapes available are three sizes of circle (extra large: 2-3/8 x 2"; large: 1-5/8 x 1-5/16"; small: 1-3/8 x 1"), one size of paw print (1-5/8 x 1-5/16"), bridle tags in brass (3/8 x 2-1/2"), and black kennel tags (3/4 x 4-1/4", 3/8 x 2-1/2"). Bridle and kennel tags can also be used for trophies.

ID tags can be engraved on front and on back. Six font styles are available: regular, bold, modern, roman, script, and stretch. A full set of samples is posted at the store.

black circle, regular font         blue circle, bold font             black pawprint, Roman font

Extra large circles are available in black, blue, and red. Large and small circles come in those three colors plus pink, purple, red-white-blue, and camouflage. Paw prints come in black, brown, and copper. Prices run from $6 to $7, depending on shape, size, and color.

Bridle and kennel tags tend to be mounted, so it makes sense to engrave only on one side.


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