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Eastern Oregon's Fullest-Line Independent Pet Supply Store

Welcome to Soda Mountain:
pet supplies, books, gifts, and odds & ends in Sumpter, Oregon.

Soda Mountain stock includes collars and leads, tags engraved while you wait, wrought iron double diners, holistic foods and treats, and a variety of things in between. We carry self-warming beds, reptile lamps, wild bird seed, tie-outs, grooming needs, plush toys, Kong toys, life jackets, hummingbird feeders... The list really does go on and on. Click on the Products button for more.

In our book section we focus on gardening and other outdoor activity guides--like hiking, road trips, camp cooking, bird identification--fiction by Oregon authors, books on pets, and local history. The gift section varies with the craftspeople with whom we're currently working. Odds & ends is also quite changesable, often with stationery and office supplies of which I ordered extra just in case a customer had similar needs.

You can keep an eye out for changes on the Products page, or "Like" the
Soda Mountain Facebook page.

Contact Us is where you'll find address, phone number, and email contacts. You can also view a map that gets you close to the store, see pictures of the store as it's been developing, and look at pictures of Sumpter from now and from over 100 years ago.

Other places in Sumpter you may want to visit include, but are not limited to:
Cracker Creek Museum of Mining, the State Heritage Area that's been built around the Sumpter Valley Dredge and includes the Sumpter depot for the Sumpter Valley Railroad, and the Sumpter Municipal Library and Museum.

Enjoy a good browse. If you're near by, come join me for a chat. We look forward to serving you.

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